Book cover - Smoke River Family - Author Lynna Banning

Smoke River Family

Author Lynna Banning

  • Release Date: 2015-11-01
  • Genre: Western
Our score: 4
From 7 Ratings

Smoke River Family Summary

Smoke River Family - A baby to bring them together… 

When Dr. Zane Dougherty swept Winifred Von Dannen's sister off to Smoke River, Winifred was resentful, but now she wants to be part of her late sister's baby's life. That means dealing with Zane and the shadows of loneliness—and incredible hunger—she sees in his eyes. 

Zane knows he and his infant daughter are truly blessed. But he wants more. He wants Winifred! Is there a way he can mend this broken family and care for them forever?


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