Book cover - Ghal Maraz - Author Guy Haley & Josh Reynolds

Ghal Maraz

Author Guy Haley & Josh Reynolds

  • Release Date: 2015-08-29
  • Genre: Fantasy

Ghal Maraz Summary

Ghal Maraz - Plague and devastation ravage the Mortal Realms, but there is hope yet, for Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals are paragons of justice and retribution. In Ghyran and the lands of Rotwater Blight, Lord-Castellant Grymn fights on, not only to avenge the death of Lord-Celestant Gardus but also to find the Hidden Vale of Alarielle, the Radiant Queen and ruler of the sylvaneth. Only with her aid can the pestilence that ails the land be turned back.

Returning to the Hanging Valleys of Anvrok, Thostos Bladestorm is much changed, but he also carries a weighty truth... He has found Ghal Maraz, the great hammer of Sigmar itself. Reunited with Vandus Hammerhand, these two heroes and their warriors must conquer the Eldritch Fortress of Tzeentch and overthrow the dreaded Kairos Fateweaver if they are to retrieve this mighty artefact.

Read it because
Sigmar's hammer has been part of Warhammer since the very start (it's right there in the name) so the battle to get it back is a big deal – and it's a massive story, full of heroism and treachery and lots and lots of kick-ass action. Plus over in the Realm of Life, find out who the Sylvaneth are and – crucially – whose side they're on.


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