Book cover - Habits for Our Holiness - Author Philip Nation

Habits for Our Holiness

Author Philip Nation

  • Release Date: 2016-03-01
  • Genre: Christianity

Habits for Our Holiness Summary

Habits for Our Holiness - Not your typical spiritual disciplines book

Most books on the spiritual disciplines follow the same pattern: introduce the discipline, prove it from Scripture, and give tips for how to do it.

Habits for our Holiness does more than that: It connects the disciplines to all of life. By showing how the disciplines have their greatest power when practiced in community and on mission, Philip Nation gives Christians a bigger reason—and greater desire—to pursue spiritual disciplines. He also warns us of what happens when we neglect them.

With plenty of examples, stories, and illustrations, Habits for our Holiness will inspire you to nourish your life with discipline, enjoy the fruit of godliness, and have a hand in building the church.


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