Book cover - John Scalzi is Not a Rapist - Author Richard Milhous Scalzi

John Scalzi is Not a Rapist

Author Richard Milhous Scalzi

  • Release Date: 2015-09-06
  • Genre: Humor

John Scalzi is Not a Rapist Summary

John Scalzi is Not a Rapist - John B.R.M. Scalzi, science fiction legend, up to 147-time Hugo nominee, several time SFWA president, world-adventuring gender-neutral alpha male, charming raconteur, and prominent not-rapist has long been dogged by baseless accusations of being a man who likes to force himself on women. Claims alleging that in fact, he, John Scalzi is a rapist.
First put forward by some unknown fool who took hold of John’s own keyboard, and relentlessly perpetuated for several years by infamous purged SFWA member Vox Day, these completely false, yet enticing claims have recently been lengthened and hardened, to throbbing proportions, and in tantalizing detail, by misguided fan Alexa Eren.
Accusations, allegations, and unindicted co-rumors of rapism have insistently pounded upon Mr. Scalzi’s life long enough.
Now at last, the great grand master of SFF breaks his long self-imposed silence, and speaks in his own defense.

This very intimate first edition includes a foreword by the SFF luminaries of the Special Bear Club.

John Scalzi is Not a Rapist Review

  • scalzi is a fraud

    By fusro
    there is literally nothing the author won't say to fluff himself up and shriek "please buy my books! I am relevant! I promise! thousands of sheep can't be wrong about me, right?!?!?!" scalzi is responsible for turning an amazing genre into a laughable hug fest for hurt feelings and broken dreams. 1 star. would not recommend even if it was free.