Book cover - The Billionaire's Baby Swap - Author Rebecca Winters

The Billionaire's Baby Swap

Author Rebecca Winters

  • Release Date: 2016-04-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

The Billionaire's Baby Swap Summary

The Billionaire's Baby Swap - Two babies…one family? 

Single mom Valentina Montanari was abandoned while pregnant, yet she's besotted with her tiny son, Ric. But why does he look nothing like her? 

Gorgeous billionaire Giovanni Laurito bonded with his new baby, Vito, after a difficult divorce, so discovering Vito and Ric were swapped at birth is a huge shock! 

When Valentina and Giovanni meet to reclaim their children, sparks fly. They've already fallen for each other's babies… Could this unexpected beginning create the family of their dreams?


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