Book cover - Untouchable - Author Linda Winstead Jones


Author Linda Winstead Jones

  • Release Date: 2015-10-06
  • Genre: Paranormal

Untouchable Summary

Untouchable - Emperor Jahn of Columbyana needs a bride. Six suitable women are called to the capital city so he can make his choice, and the contest is underway. Unfortunately, someone doesn't want the candidates to reach the palace.

The emperor's brother, Prince Alixandyr, is sent to collect a princess from the neighboring country of Tryfyn. He departs that country with more than he bargained for: A difficult and spoiled princess as well as a "gift" for his brother -- the exotic and beautiful Sanura.

Sanura has a gift for seeing the desires of others, and as their party travels toward the palace she sees very clearly what others do not. Alix is not all he pretends to be.