Book cover - Animated Storytelling - Author Liz Blazer

Animated Storytelling

Author Liz Blazer

  • Release Date: 2015-11-23
  • Genre: Digital Media


Animated Storytelling - Animation is a limitless medium for telling stories. Artists can create worlds, defy gravity, flip from factual to fantasy, and transport audiences to places they never imagined. The challenge is having the discipline to reel it in and be intentional about your storytelling choices. This book shows you how.

In Animated Storytelling, you’ll learn how to create memorable stories using animation and motion graphics by following 10 simple guidelines that take you through the stages of concept development, pre-production, storyboarding, and design. Award-winning animator Liz Blazer uses clear examples and easy-to-follow exercises to provide you with the instruction, encouragement, and tools you need to get your designs moving.

Whether your goal is to create exciting shorts for film festivals, effective messaging for broadcast or online, or simply to gain a deeper understanding of the medium, Animated Storytelling simplifies the process of creating clear and engaging stories for animation and motion graphics so you can get started easily.

In Animated Storytelling, you’ll learn how to:
Write a creative brief for your projectFind and communicate your story’s big ideaCreate a tight story using linear and nonlinear story structuresUse color to clarify and enrich your storyDefine the rules for your animated world, and commit to themEase into the challenging task of animationMake the work you want to be hired to doShare your work with the world!