Book cover - How to Make a Video on YouTube - Author M. Usman

How to Make a Video on YouTube

Author M. Usman

  • Release Date: 2015-11-22
  • Genre: Computers

How to Make a Video on YouTube Summary

How to Make a Video on YouTube - Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Come up with an Idea
Chapter 2: Tools You Need
Dedicated camcorder
A Good Computer
Chapter 3: Introduction to Lighting
Make your videos during the day
Shoot from different angles
Play with different settings
Recording in Artificial Light
Key light
Fill light
Chapter 4: Tips on Recording Your Voices
Speak clearly
Speak loudly
Mic must be close to the subject
Close windows and doors
Record when people are in bed
Chapter 5: Tips to Enhance Your Video
Have a tripod
Stay away from digital zoom
Use wide shots sparingly
Shoot from different angles
Pay attention to the background
Have enough storage
Have spare batteries
Chapter 6: Introduction to Editing
A computer
Take multiple shots
Shots should not be too long or too short
Add effects necessarily
Add an intro and ending
Chapter 7: Uploading a Video to YouTube
Chapter 8: Promoting Your Video
Title, description, and tags are important
Use social media
Ask People to share, like, and comment
Ask bloggers to share your video
Encourage people to subscribe to your channel
Make lots of videos
Make a blog post about the video
Hire a YouTube marketer
Chapter 9: Making Money with YouTube
Promote Your Products
Do Affiliate Marketing
Make Money with Ads
Find a Sponsor
Use YouTube to Get Traffic to Your Website
About the Author


It's normal to have doubts on whether your videos are worth showing to other people, let alone if you should upload them to YouTube. However, the truth is that there are no rules as to what makes a good video. If you enjoy watching it, then there is a good chance that others will also find it entertaining.

But, YouTube is not just there so you can upload videos to entertain people. You can also use it to promote your website, promote a certain product, educate people, etc.

Making it even better, the number of YouTube users has grown tremendously in recent years. For you, this is an opportunity to get your videos watched by a lot of people. Statistics show that YouTube gets 1 billion unique users every month.

In this book, you will learn the steps you need to follow when you want to make a YouTube video. I will give you tips on how you can have better pictures as well as sounds. If you will be doing some editing, the book also has tips on that.

You will also find info on promotion, making money with YouTube, lighting, and more.
So without wasting any more time, let's get started. Millions are eagerly waiting to see your video.


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