Book cover - Leadership Contract and Essentials - Author Stephen R. Covey

Leadership Contract and Essentials

Author Stephen R. Covey

  • Release Date: 2014-04-01
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance

Leadership Contract and Essentials Summary

Leadership Contract and Essentials - Leadership Contract and Essentials is the textbook of the classic training program Leadership of FrankinCovey, a leading global training firm. It also includes the most important ideas and insights concerning leadership from Stephen R. Covey, the internationally respected leadership authority and organizational consultant.

Great leaders see people as whole and work to unleash their full creative potential. The whole-person paradigm recognizes that human beings are not things that must be motivated and controlled. Instead, people are four-dimensional—body, heart, mind, and spirit.

When people are treated as whole people, they volunteer their highest efforts and energies. When people are treated as things, they withhold their full commitment.

Great leaders practice the skill-set and tool-set required to unleash people’s highest contribution toward meaningful organizational purposes. The book explains four imperatives to be great leaders.

You can expect to get from this book:
1. A vision of what it means to be a great leader and a renewed desire to get there.
2. A radically new paradigm for leading in the Knowledge Worker Age.
3. A powerful framework for solving chronic leadership problems.
4. Practical leadership skills and tools you can use “tomorrow morning.”
5. A specific process and data-based action plan to get you started.

In short, you will get the mind-set, skill-set, and tool-set necessary to unleash the talent and capability of your team to achieve your highest priorities.