Book cover - Metro 2033 - Author Dmitry Glukhovsky

Metro 2033

Author Dmitry Glukhovsky

  • Release Date: 2015-12-03
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 68 Ratings

Metro 2033 Summary

Metro 2033 - World bestseller, translated into 37 languages, Metro 2033 is a breathtaking story of a post-apocalyptic survival of thousands of people trapped in the subway of Moscow after the WWIII. This critically acclaimed dystopia also inspired two cult video games: METRO 2033 and METRO LAST LIGHT, has created an entire sub-culture and is followed by millions of fans throughout the globe.

Metro 2033 Review

  • Terrible

    By Jacob the Bruce
    Shallow writing with no depth. Weak attempt at a twist at the end. Uninteresting characters. Vague and uninteresting antagonists. Protagonist is basically a blank slate. My score:9% Would not recommend.

    By Benji4291
    I didn’t even read the book but the first 10 pages made me fall asleep.
  • No cheeki breeki, good book

    By JamesOfApple
    Metro 2033 is a wonderfully constructed novel written by excellent storyteller, Dmitri Glukhovski. It follows Artyom, a 20 year old boy, who finally breaks free from his station, where he has spent a good 15 years of his life. He is no bold action hero, however, but he is a cautious, but adventurous character, looking to explore the world around him. His mission is to deliver what Hunter, a bold man who protects the metro, has entrusted him with to give to his companions. He discovers the violent, and ultimately self-destructive instincts of men, and the strange activities that go on within and without the metro. He meets strange and interesting people who try to help him or in a worse case, themselves. I found I couldn’t put this book down, it was very interesting and emotional. The book itself, however does have issues, the publishers of this copy made the book in such a format that you cannot change color, font, font size. But this is one of the few online copies I could find that was in English. !!\\\\////TO THE PUBLISHERS:\\\\////!! Could you please publish English translations of Metro 2034, 2035? I, and likely others, will buy them from you.
  • Font too small

    By GregBeil
    Can’t make font larger - I want a refund.
  • good

    By Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaælp
    cyka blyat
  • Stop Formating in iBooks Author

    By Ryuku San
    This is a great book. Unfortunately it was decided to format it in ibooks Author instead of just making it an ePub file. That means the font wont change size, you can only read it on a regular ipad, it is too small for an iPad mini and smaller yet for an iPhone. So for that, one star. Sorry. Please publish the ePub versions.
  • This is really good

    By Anormalrevier
    I have read a lot of books and I have to say the author has real talent I have played the games of this series and the world and carachters seem so believable and the atmosphere of this world is so sad and it really passes of a vibe that says that there is no hope for humanity but this is a 10/10
  • Fix for iphone 6

    By Naps e
    Can you guys make it so when you read it pops up more and you dont need to zoom in more to read