Book cover - Wardens of the Everqueen - Author C L Werner

Wardens of the Everqueen

Author C L Werner

  • Release Date: 2016-01-30
  • Genre: Fantasy

Wardens of the Everqueen Summary

Wardens of the Everqueen - Athelwyrd, the last great bastion of Ghyran’s sylvaneth, has fallen to the pestilent servants of the Plague God. At their head, the warlord Torglug the Despised will do anything to seize the ultimate prize his master so fervently desires: Alarielle, the Everqueen. Her defenders will not see her taken easily though – Lord-Castellant Grymn and his chamber of Hallowed Knights have sworn themselves to her protection. As a great exodus of sylvaneth and Stormcast Eternals sets out from the ruin of Athelwyrd with Torglug’s Chaos host hard on their heels, the strength and conviction of Alarielle’s defenders will be tested as never before.

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The dramatic events of the War of Life from the Balance of Power campaign book come to, well, life. C L Werner weaves a fascinating tale of heroes and villains, with a serious suprise at the end.