Book cover - Twice Against the Dragon - Author Stefon Mears

Twice Against the Dragon

Author Stefon Mears

  • Release Date: 2016-01-24
  • Genre: Epic

Twice Against the Dragon Summary

Twice Against the Dragon - Ten years ago, fledgling wizard Larek failed to slay the dragon Blackflame. Maybe worse, he failed to die heroically.

Ten years, mocked and reviled as Larek the Burned, surviving as a near hermit.

Now scouts spot Blackflame in Aeralfast once more, so Larek the Burned flees south with two other famous failures – disgraced warrior Dyrra Slow Sword and defrocked healer Sindra the Poisonous.

They can run from the dragon. But can they run from themselves?

Twice Against the Dragon, an epic fantasy tale of heroes, failure and redemption. From Stefon Mears, author of the Rise of Magic series.


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