Book cover - Those Were the Days - Author Jenny Bravo

Those Were the Days

Author Jenny Bravo

  • Release Date: 2015-12-10
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4
From 2,992 Ratings

Those Were the Days Summary

Those Were the Days - Don't fall in love in high school. 
Don't fall in love with your best friend. 
Don't fall in love. At all.

When Claudia Lake's sister Wendy moves back home, everything changes. The boy next door wants to be more than just friends. Her best friend nurses a broken heart with revenge. When it comes to love, Claudia has learned that it's better to be safe than sorry... or has she? 

Those Were the Days is a prequel to Jenny Bravo's debut novel, These Are the Moments, that explores what it means to be in love in high school, the excitement and fear of a first love, and how to survive broken hearts. 

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Those Were the Days Review

  • Good

    By nuttyerrrrrr
    It was a good and easy book to read. As someone who isn’t the biggest reader of all time read it in under an hour. Easy simple fun and a nice time.
  • Such a beautiful story

    By muvflick
    A beautiful and a lovely story. Well structured and makes you imagine, as if you are watching a romantic series. Just loved it. Thanks!!
  • Best book ever

    By Nicole🇩🇴
    Love every detail of it, and the end, omg the end, was magical it leaves the reader with that mysterious feeling of what is gonna happen next, i just loved it too much, 100% recommended
  • Amazing yet...

    By ++NatBug101++
    This book was spectacular and amazing in all words possible. But one big problem is that this book is incredably short. Let’s say a little too short... it just bothers me that this book was like 9-11 chapters long. It had an amazing story line good plot and pretty good characters I’m not taking that out of the picture but I mean really. I get it, the book was free and the authors time and effort into this book was not free. All I’m saying is that my opinion is that this book should have been a little long, but other than that the book was amazing in all ways.
  • A cute story of love and life.

    By Bo Sinclair
    4.5 stars ~ Another round of proofreading and editing would have been highly beneficial (the setting changes and dialogue were confusing at times), but other than that, this is such an adorable and quick read. I would read this author again.
  • It was ok.

    By Panda Bear 1.0
    I liked it. The second one was better tho. It felt unfinished at the end. I thought that she was going to end up with Casey and they would tell us how that went but they talked about it for a little bit but then moved on to Wendy.
  • Those were the days

    By cArLi_ye
    It was short the beginning to middle is pretty good the ending I did not like I wish the book were longer so I could here more of Claudia’s and Casey’s story I didn’t really care for Wendy
  • Great book

    By Joy.ten
    This is a great book if you are just trying to find a short heart felt story to read at night. I truly do love this book.
  • A second book?

    By BirdyKay
    Loved the book, wish there was more though.
  • Wow, I love it

    By Snoppy🏳️‍🌈
    Good book, wish their was more to it.