Book cover - Cowboy Cavalry - Author Alice Sharpe

Cowboy Cavalry

Author Alice Sharpe

  • Release Date: 2016-10-01
  • Genre: Suspense

Cowboy Cavalry Summary

Cowboy Cavalry - A cowboy with a lot to prove meets his match when he falls for a mysterious beauty… 

The truth about his family's past has always haunted rancher Frankie Hastings. Determined to prove what happened more than a century ago, the black-sheep brother plans to chronicle the story in a documentary. But a mysterious descendant connected to that truth could jeopardize everything. So charming Kate West becomes the first step in securing her support. Falling for the gorgeous skeptic is a welcome follow-up. And yet, despite their electric attraction, it's clear Kate's mind is filled with things beyond their sizzling kisses. Then his simple project turns deadly and Frankie has more questions than answers. Like how far will he go to protect the woman he suddenly can't live without?


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