Book cover - Ice Cream Social - Author Anthony Tassinello & Mary Jo Thoresen

Ice Cream Social

Author Anthony Tassinello & Mary Jo Thoresen

  • Release Date: 2016-05-31
  • Genre: Courses & Dishes

Ice Cream Social Summary

Ice Cream Social - “The next time you’re even thinking of going out for an ice cream cone, grab this book instead and take it into the kitchen because the best ice cream recipes imaginable are between these covers.” —JOANNE WEIR, James Beard Award-winning author

Delightfully Simple Recipes To Sweeten Any Occasion

Chez Panisse veterans Anthony Tassinello and Mary Jo Thoresen show you how easy it is to recreate the flavors and comfort of your local ice cream shop at home in this irresistible celebration of all things sweet and frozen.

Focusing on simple yet creative flavor combinations, Ice Cream Social walks you step-by-step through basic techniques to make your own ice cream, sherbet, granita, frozen yogurt, and other delightful treats—from the classic and nostalgic to the surprising and festive.

Start planning your next ice cream social with:
100 recipes that showcase fresh, seasonal ingredients (such as London Fog Ice Cream, Creamy Lime Sherbet, Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream and more)Troubleshooting tips and a straightforward techniques primer that will ensure delicious results every timeFestive ideas and indulgent desserts for all types of gatherings, from kid-friendly events to adults’ only fetes.Sauces and toppings galore to elevate any ice cream gathering from ordinary to unforgettable
Whether you’re new to ice cream making or looking for new takes on traditional favorites, Ice Cream Social covers all you need for making luscious desserts that everyone will love.


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