Book cover - Kempston Hardwick Mysteries - Box Set, Books 1-3 - Author Adam Croft

Kempston Hardwick Mysteries - Box Set, Books 1-3

Author Adam Croft

  • Release Date: 2015-05-11
  • Genre: British Detectives

Kempston Hardwick Mysteries - Box Set, Books 1-3 Summary

Kempston Hardwick Mysteries - Box Set, Books 1-3 - This exclusive, limited edition box set includes the first three books in the Kempston Hardwick Mysteries series plus an exclusive free short story. 

Exit Stage Left 
Charlie Sparks had it all. A former primetime television personality, his outdated style has seen him relegated to the scrapheap. 

When he collapses and dies during a stand-up routine at a local pub, mysterious bystander Kempston Hardwick is compelled to investigate his suspicious death. 

As Hardwick begins to unravel the mystery, he quickly comes to realise that Charlie Sparks's death throws up more peculiar questions than answers. 

The Westerlea House Mystery 
When TV psychic Oscar Whitehouse is found murdered inside a locked room, private detective Kempston Hardwick and his friend Ellis Flint are called in to investigate. 

Within a matter of days, a second murder takes place in the small village of Tollinghill and a local resident claims she saw the already-dead Oscar Whitehouse at the scene, apparently alive and well. Hardwick and Flint realise they have more than just a conventional mystery in the village. Can they uncover the secret of the Tollinghill murders, before it’s too late? 

Death Under the Sun 
After solving two particularly tricky murder cases, Kempston Hardwick needs a holiday. At least that's what his friend, Ellis Flint, in his infinite wisdom, believes. 

When the pair arrive on the twenty-four-hour Greek party island of Friktos, Hardwick is in his idea of hell. Eventually, he decides to make the most of his holiday and to try to relax. 

That is until one of their fellow holidaymakers is found dead in their apartment... 

A Cry For Help 
In this short story, Hardwick is visited by a woman who claims an unknown assailant is trying to kill her. Can Hardwick solve the mystery before lives are lost?


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