Book cover - Under Pressure - Author Lori Foster

Under Pressure

Author Lori Foster

  • Release Date: 2017-01-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 66 Ratings

Under Pressure Summary

Under Pressure - He can protect anything except his heart 

Leese Phelps's road hasn't been an easy one, but it's brought him to the perfect job—working for the elite Body Armor security agency. And what his newest assignment lacks in size, she makes up for in fire and backbone. But being drawn to Catalina Nicholson is a dangerous complication, especially since it could be the very man who hired Leese who's threatening her. 

What Catalina knows could get her killed. But who'd believe the sordid truth about her powerful stepfather? Beyond Leese's ripped body and brooding gaze is a man of impeccable honor. He's the last person she expects to trust—and the first who's ever made her feel safe. And he's the only one who can help her expose a deadly secret, if they can just stay alive long enough…

Under Pressure Review

  • Lori Foster writes heartfelt stories

    By A Diane Palmer fan
    I really enjoyed both books.
  • Another knock out !!!

    By Rhiltonnm
    Ms. Foster did not disappoint with this new series. Suspense, action and hot romance set the stage for this story to take place. Leese has redeemed himself after his tenuous introduction and you just can't help but cheer for Catalina. Love that we still get to have contact with the Ultimate boys!!! This story is a definite great read!!!
  • Finally Leese gets his story

    By Aubie93
    New series, but lots of old friends drop it in. Great new characters. One of her best!!!
  • Suspense & an HEA

    By kmmichels
    Lori Foster does it again in her newest book, Under Pressure, the first in a spin-off series from her previous Ultimate series! You met Leese in the previous books, in which he isn't the best of guys. But he redeems his character (which really wasn't all that bad to begin with) as he's assigned to protect Catalina. Body Armor is filled with sexy bodyguards and other awesome characters, Enoch, Sahara, etc. Cameos by the whole Ultimate gang included. Foster had me reading wide-eyed with my hand over my mouth at times, while others I was cheering, and still others crying. Suspense, sexy times, and her trademark Happily-Ever-After. I cannot wait to dive into the next book in the Body Armor series! ARC provided through NetGalley and reviewed because I wanted to. :)
  • Read this book now!

    By Highwater1994
    I was so excited to read the first book of the newest series by Lori Foster! I'm happy to say that I loved it as much as I'd hoped. Lori's stories always have great characters that pull you in and this one was no different. I really enjoyed the journey as Leese and Cat try to protect each other while they grew closer. They have fantastic chemistry! The bonus part, for me, was that the other characters in the book were familiar because I've read the Ultimate Series. While it's not necessary to read any other books before this one, I like visiting old friends. I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Under Pressure just by following Lori's Facebook page. I'm SO glad I did! Great read!
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Cntrygirlz
    Catalina is on the run from her step father and some very crazy, influential people. She overheard them talking about a murder and an island where anything goes. Leese is a former fighter turned bodyguard. He is hired to protect Cat. But she is keeping major secrets. He'll have to get her to trust him to give up the information she has. Cat has not made it a secret about how much she wants him. So he has to keep her safe and fight off her seductions. Awesome start to a new series. Some old faces. A strong, woman who's not afraid to go after the man she wants. Leese is hot, sexy and good guy. This story will keep you guessing to the very end. A little humor and some steamy scenes. *I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book.*
  • Loved it!

    By Lynn B888
    With the kick-off of a brand new series, Lori Foster brings us some familiar faces! Instant attraction melded with heightened awareness to keep her safe has this Body Armor bodyguard feeling more than he ever thought possible for his newest client! Great chemistry between the entire cast of characters keeps us highly entertained as we go along for the ride of solving the mystery of who the bad guys really are and how they can stop them. When Leese Phelps gave up fighting to settle into being a body guard, he wasn’t sure he was going to like it, but he has to admit, it’s a satisfying job! His boss Sahara takes good care of her guys and doesn’t take any gruff off of anybody, so they can always count on her to have their back. From the moment he meets Cataline Nicholson, he’s drawn to her. She’s done a great job of keeping herself hidden, and now that they have found her and realize what’s really going on, they realize they have led danger right to her door again! She knows some very dangerous information, but knows no one would believe her against the wealthy men that it would bring down. Now that Leese and his agency are on her side, will they be able to get all of the info they need to bring justice for those wronged and keep Cat safe before the bad men catch up to them?
  • Action, heat and romance all in one!

    By goofysandra
    Wowzer!! What a fantastic start to this series. This book captured my interest from the very beginning. It is intriguing and kept me wondering what was going to happen. I couldn't put it down. The plot is unique and only something Lori could come up with. I love that about her books, they aren't the typical romance stories. I've liked Leese since he was introduced in the Ultimate Series and have loved watching his transformation. I loved Cat's strength and independence, even in the face of danger. When these two meet, you feel the instant attraction, but more so the connection. The chemistry is off the charts between Leese and Cat, you can feel the sparks flying. This book is hot, sexy, witty and action packed. And I absolutely loved having the characters from the Ultimate Series make appearances. I'm excited for this series!! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.