Book cover - Molly's Mr. Wrong - Author Jeannie Watt

Molly's Mr. Wrong

Author Jeannie Watt

  • Release Date: 2017-01-01
  • Genre: Western

Molly's Mr. Wrong Summary

Molly's Mr. Wrong - They're both learning from scratch 

Molly Adamson has moved back to the place that made her happiest: Eagle Valley, Montana. Teaching college English classes is also a fresh start…even if he's one of her students. Finn Culver. Athlete, heartthrob, homecoming date. After that disastrous night all those years ago, Molly never wanted to see Finn, now a handsome military veteran, again. But as she gets to know him through his writing, helping him conquer an undiagnosed learning disability, Molly sees much more than the swaggering charmer. Both teacher and student will learn a lot about love, and each other, if they can let the past go…