Book cover - A Baxter's Redemption - Author Patricia Johns

A Baxter's Redemption

Author Patricia Johns

  • Release Date: 2017-01-01
  • Genre: Romance

A Baxter's Redemption Summary

A Baxter's Redemption - Has she really changed?

Former beauty queen Isabel Baxter returns to her hometown, scarred after a near-fatal accident. But in high school, she was the fantasy of every teenage boy in Haggerston, Montana, including James Hunter. Even though James was too far below her social circle to be noticed…

Now her father’s attorney, James isn’t ready to forgive Isabel for the part she played in his own family tragedy. Yet she seems eager to make amends and prove herself capable of being more than a pretty face. Has the girl he once worshipped—his boss’s daughter—grown into a woman James can respect…and maybe love?


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