Book cover - Sullivan - Author Linda Winstead Jones


Author Linda Winstead Jones

  • Release Date: 2016-07-19
  • Genre: Western
Our score: 4.5
From 270 Ratings

Sullivan Summary

Sullivan - If you liked the Magnificent Seven, you'll love the Rock Creek Six! 

Six elite Confederate soldiers band together after the War Between the States, hiring out their guns to protect lawless towns. Violence is all they know, until they make their way to Rock Creek, Texas. 

For Eden Rourke, making her way from a sheltered life in Georgia to rough and tumble Rock Creek is an easy decision, if not an easy journey. A tenderhearted woman, she's always been driven to help those in need, including the half-breed Sinclair Sullivan who's been ambushed and beaten directly in the path of her wagon. Coincidence? She thinks not. 

When Sullivan discovers that the woman who saved him is Jed Rourke's sister, he feels obligated to escort her to Rock Creek. He tells himself that once she's there she'll be Jed's problem, not his, but Eden is not only tender and unfailingly optimistic, she's persistent. And she's decided that Sinclair Sullivan is meant to be hers. 

Eden doesn't believe in coincidence, but she does believe in fate.