Book cover - The Turn - Author Kim Harrison

The Turn

Author Kim Harrison

  • Release Date: 2017-02-07
  • Genre: Fantasy
Our score: 4.5
From 118 Ratings

The Turn Summary

The Turn - #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to her beloved Hollows series with The Turn—the official prequel to the series that will introduce you to a whole new side of Rachel Morgan’s world, featuring Harrison’s signature “spellbinding blend of sharp wit and vivid imagination” (Kelley Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author).

Can science save us when all else fails?

Trisk and her hated rival, Kal, have the same goal: save their species from extinction.

But death comes in the guise of hope when a genetically modified tomato created to feed the world combines with the government’s new tactical virus, giving it an unexpected host and a mode of transport. Plague rises, giving the paranormal species the choice to stay hidden and allow humanity to die, or to show themselves in a bid to save the human race.

Under accusations of scientific misconduct, Trisk and Kal flee across a plague-torn United States to convince leaders of the major paranormal species to save their supposedly weaker kin. Not everyone thinks humanity should be saved, though, and Trisk must fight the prejudices of two societies to prove not only that humanity does have something to offer but also that long-accepted beliefs against women, dark magic, and humanity itself can turn to understanding; that when people are at their worst, the best show their true strength; and that love can hold the world together as a new balance is found.

The Turn Review

  • In love!

    By kreynolds80
    I absolutely love Kim Harrison! I’ve read the whole Hallows series with main character Rachel Morgan and so when I heard this book was coming out I could hardly wait! I definitely was not disappointed! Her writing style is one of my favorites and I absolutely can not wait to see what she puts down on paper next! If you’re into paranormal fantasy then I highly suggest you get your hands on all of her books!
  • How It Began

    By susu707
    4 stars. The Turn is the prequel to The Hollows series. If you have read The Hollows series it helps you understand the setting and the main characters. But this book can be read as a standalone and lead in to that series. I loved The Hollows series and was glad to finally get a chance to read this prequel. There is violence and sex so 18+. The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that info here. Kim Harrison does a good job of describing the characters and setting and I was reminded of why I liked the series so much. You easily get caught up in the emotions of the characters and story. And while there are some new characters, many of the old favorites show up as well. There is plenty of action as well as twists and turns in the book. I really enjoyed this book. Now I want to re-read the entire series again.
  • Background

    By math wizard
    Excellent book! You will learn about the blight of the tomatoes which killed many humans. A lot of questions are answered concerning the background of the main characters and the other Hallow books. Trisk is never mentioned in the Hallows series books nor is the child of Trent. In this book Trent is not the same character as in the other Hallows books. Yes, he can be somewhat ruthless but not the heartless , insensitive jackass that he is in "The Turn" . I enjoyed it but there is something missing/ hanging.
  • I've missed this storyline

    By Auriellas
    It's so nice to read the backstory on Trent and Rachel's parents. See some other prominent characters make appearances too. THANK YOU!!!
  • fans have guessed, speculated and surmised ourselves crazy but the wait is over

    By Tome Tender
    Sometimes, when a book is highly anticipated, the actual story doesn’t meet your expectation. This is absolutely NOT the case with The Turn. Hollow fans have guessed, speculated and surmised ourselves crazy but the wait is over. Harrison has gifted us with the undiluted truth about the tomato plague, as well as Kal’s, Quen’s and Trisk’s beginning…not to mention that amazing cover with soul smut. Not only did I want to re-read the entire series over all over again, I was left wanting more. For any Hollows fan, The Turn is a must read. If you never picked up a Hollows story, this would be a great time to check it all out and you get to start from the very beginning. I received this ARC copy of The Turn from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books in exchange for a honest and voluntary review.