Book cover - Pokémon GO Strategy Guide - Author Thomas Anthony

Pokémon GO Strategy Guide

Author Thomas Anthony

  • Release Date: 2016-07-19
  • Genre: Games
Our score: 4.5
From 20 Ratings

Pokémon GO Strategy Guide Summary

Pokémon GO Strategy Guide - Pokémon GO is a cultural phenomenon, with millions of players venturing between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon GO to explore, capture and battle their Pokémon in a quest to become the ultimate trainer. It’s a game that uses real-world locations as inspiration for a fantasy setting, then tasks players with getting on their feet to explore towns and cities where they’ll find Pokémon, PokéStops and Gyms. Never before has a game encouraged players to explore the world around them, meet other players and plan strategies to become the best Pokémon trainer in their area.
Because of its unique gameplay, setting and technology, every player is promised an adventure of their own. Pokémon GO Strategy Guide is a complete companion to these adventures. It’s packed with in-depth knowledge, tips and guides that explain how to master Pokémon GO, including:
- A complete guide to the world of Pokémon GO.
- How to discover PokéStops, Gyms and more.
- How to incubate and hatch eggs.
- How to Power Up and Evolve Pokémon.
-T he best ways to battle and conquer Gyms.
- When and how to use Items.
- Plus a wealth of PokéTips and secrets.

Pokémon GO Strategy Guide Review

  • Actually wrote a meaningful sample book

    By eikers
    Thank you! You wrote a sample book so I can actually judge the quality of your work. I have been looking for an eBook for Pokemon Go, but all the "samples" of other books consist of two or three pages of the table of contents or disclaimers and NO content in which to judge the quality of a book. I'm sold!!!


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