Small Town Ho: The Hilarious Story of Moving from the Big City to North Idaho - Duke Diercks

Small Town Ho: The Hilarious Story of Moving from the Big City to North Idaho

By Duke Diercks

  • Release Date: 2016-08-01
  • Genre: Humor


Small Town Ho: Not a One-Trick Pony

The story follows the author and his family as they navigate small town life, as well as the odd jobs that are necessary for the family to make ends meet. The author works as the kitchen manager at a wilderness school for at-risk teens, at the call center of a woman’s catalogue company, and them morning baker (trained chimp) at the local bakery. All of these adventures are intertwined with the real life insanity of raising three boys, one assassin of a cat, and one-eyed overweight Labrador Retriever. If you want to feel good about your family- read about theirs.

“So funny I choked on some spit!” commented one Amazon reviewer. Written in a smart, self-deprecating, salty style, Small Town Ho is, in many ways, the anti-Facebook. This book is not filled with stories or pictures of football championships or Caribbean vacations, rather, Small Town Ho’s accessible humor comes from the fact that it exposes real life, warts and all. From the author’s attempt to create the perfect Halloween tombstones, to the bakery co-worker who believes he and his twin are blue-skinned aliens, to the dog who continues to ingest things and cost the family precious cash, life is here in full technicolor.

Duke Diercks grew up in Texas, attended Stanford University in northern California and now resides- still- in Sandpoint, Idaho. Small Town Ho is his first, and quite possibly his last book.