Book cover - Anchor Me - Author J. Kenner

Anchor Me

Author J. Kenner

  • Release Date: 2017-04-11
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 119 Ratings

Anchor Me Summary

Anchor Me - FROM NEW YORK TIMES AND #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR J. KENNER comes the highly anticipated fourth novel in the fast-paced series including Release Me, Claim Me, and Complete Me. This sexy, emotionally charged romance continues the story of Damien Stark, the powerful multimillionaire who’s never had to take “no” for an answer, and his beloved wife Nikki Fairchild Stark, the Southern belle who only says “yes” on her own terms. 
It’s a new chapter in the life of Nikki and Damien Stark ...
Though shadows still haunt us, and ghosts from our past continue to threaten our happiness, my life with Damien is nothing short of perfection. He is my heart and my soul. My past and my future. He is the man who holds me together, and his love fuels my days and enchants my nights. 
But when tragedy and challenge from both inside and outside the sanctity of our marriage begins to chip away at our happiness, I am forced to realize that even a perfect life can begin to crack. And if Damien and I are going to win this new battle, it will take all of our strength and love ...

Anchor Me Review

  • Love the Stark's ... exciting, fun & oh so sexy!

    By mj_toth
    Nikki and Damien are an amazing, combustible and unpredictable couple. As they settle into married life and their careers, they find that targets are still on them as people are jealous of their success. Nikki has to face demons of her past as she makes a move for a new contract in Dallas pushing her to face all the ghosts and thoughts that haunt her. Excitement happens for them as well. Their chemistry is combustible with every sexy and erotic moment between them. I love that we get to interact with their circle of friends to see how their lives are progressing as well as to see how important they are in Nikki and Damien’s life. I feel like I am visiting old friends each time I get to dive back into the Stark universe.
  • Some things are a bit touchy for me...

    By Kambie07
    I've been on the Stark Train almost since it's conception. I've patiently waited on each novel and novella to be published. That includes Stark International. It also includes SIN (which I unfortunately ended up not liking or finishing). But I am a Stark fan. I couldn't wait for this one to be published. I was really into this story. I got something I wanted. Then the main focus of the story shifted and is not something I enjoy reading. It's a touchy subject that I don't like to read about. I had to force myself to continue. I just went through the motions. Please understand that it was the original situation not what it resulted in. I totally agree with the result. It was the reasoning I felt. The ending is the only reason my review went to a 4. Some things are just too touchy for me to enjoy.
  • The Past

    By MelissaNY666
    I love this series. Nikki And Damian next part of love and life.
  • Truly amazing.

    By Lindaooops
    Damien and Nikki.. Two imperfect people that come together so perfectly.
  • Anchor Me

    By Sweet- Paradise
    I absolutely love this book. It's filled with so much emotions, love, laughter, pain and healing. I can't tell you how much this book really meant to me. Damien and Nikki's prayers were answered along with mines for them with a family of their own. I can't wait to read what other adventures are in store for this family and their loved ones.
  • Ghosts of the Past

    By Fairest Reviews
    Anchor Me is the perfect title for Damien and Nikki Stark's newest story. Their love for each other healed some of their past scars, and it continues to keep them balanced on solid ground even when it feels like the firmament is giving way. Damien and Nikki share a fierce love and even though the need to protect one another leads to secrets and lies - ones that plant a barrier between them - the couple always knows how to bridge the divide and bring it back to what's most important - each other. What I love most about this couple is that despite the baggage of their pasts and those who would like to witness their undoing in the present, nothing and no one can indefinitely divide them, and that continues to be illustrated in Anchor Me. Damien and Nikki still fight demons, but now, they do it together, and it's clear that even when Damien is keeping something from Nikki, he's doing so to protect her because she is the most important person in his life, and he refuses to let her down. Anchor Me is an emotional read because Damien and Nikki are at a point in their lives where readers want them to move forward and grow with what they want to surround themselves with, and it's that very idea that Nikki struggles with because the reality of what happens next in their marriage scares the hell out of her because of what she experienced as a child, and that fear holds her captive for parts of the storyline and readers can't help but feel her anxiety and her pain as she works through her insecurities and realizes that she's nothing like her mother. It's been made crystal clear throughout the series that there will always be someone or something looking to shake-up what Damien and Nikki have worked to create, both professionally and personally, and as Damien and Nikki have evolved and grown into the characters they currently are in Anchor Me, it's also quite obvious that this couple refuses to allow outsiders to sway their feelings for the one person who has consistently had their back since they got together. I'll never get enough of this sexually charismatic and devoted couple because J Kenner continues to mold and reshape them as she crafts new and difficult trials for them to endure, and for each obstacle that Damien and Nikki overcome, their love and their bond grows and further solidifies, proving they naysayers wrong and creating a connection that can never be destroyed because they refuse to allow it to be. 4.5 Poison Apples
  • All the hearts for this book

    By Laurie_Oh_TLG
    Four years later and J. Kenner's Stark trilogy still holds a very special place in my heart. With these books, J. Kenner has woven a tapestry of a full cast of characters with stories that are powerful, emotional, sexy and just downright romantic. It has also spawned 3 additional series and a collection of novellas that are not to missed. These are books that will have you gasping for breath with the twists, turns and molten-hot love scenes. You flip the pages so fast, that you start re-reading it immediately, because you want back in to that story and to be near these characters, again, again and again. That’s some pretty magical storytelling and we are all willfully under J. Kenner’s spell. Anchor Me is no different. I could not put this book down. It is everything I want in a J. Kenner book and more. It is about the very depth of a love between a married couple. Friendship. Family and forgiveness. It is a beautiful story that left my heart very, very full. Throughout this series, Nikki and Damien Stark have been put through the wringer and with each trial, the fiber of their relationship is only strengthened. Anchor Me is where we get to fully appreciate the power of their love and witness it being again tested on several fronts. Individually, these two are formidable. Together? A titanium force. The other beauty of this series? Its supporting cast. These are characters that along the Starks, you want more of them and hope that they might get their own HEA, too. I can’t say it enough, let this series find its way to the top your TBR and enjoy it. Happy reading!! Laurie’s Rating: 5+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++STARS
  • Loved it

    By Ddgoldbergs
    Nikki and Damien are never far from the drama. Anchor Me is filled with beautifully written scenes that clinging to the characters. Nikki is so strong but her ability to accept this is only through Damien's love. Will jealousy and revenge come knocking on their door...again? Will their marriage survive? A fantastic read.
  • Another great Nikki and Damien story

    By Christine Miller28
    I have eagerly been waiting for the next installment of Damien and Nikki's story. I loved this book because not only was it a great next step in their life, but it's a true picture at what marriage is whether you are rich or poor, marriage is give and take. Nikki and Damien are soulmates and their love is fierce, but in a marriage you have to learn to live together. You have to work at things and share things with each other even when you don't want to. This book was a true tribute to marriage everywhere and I love that one of my most beloved couples are showing me how they fight for their love and marriage. We are all given roadblocks and not many of us ride off into the sunset. I love this book because although we continue to see Damien and Nikki in other books, they have ridden off into this perfect life. This book brings us back into the reality that although things can look perfect, it takes work to make it perfect, even with the love of your life. Such a great read and so great going into this journey with Nikki and Damien. Loved it.
  • Anchor Me

    By Mom's Guilty Pleasure
    Anchor Me written by J. Kenner 5 if Julie could do anything less… This book tugged on my heart so hard. I was laughing, crying, praying, cursing and cheering along with Nikki and Damien. Damien and Nikki are both fierce in their own way, but they are unstoppable and show a different strength when they are in sync. They have a connection that is unique and they not only balance out one another, but make each other stronger when together. Damien has promised Nikki no more secrets. He praises her for what she has overcome and reminds her of her strength yet he continues to try to put out fires without letting her know what's going on. He should have learned his lesson and known this wouldn't end well once Nikki finds out. Their past continues to haunt them both and test their loyalty, trust and faithfulness once again. “That’s as much as I get out before the sob escapes and fat tears trail down my cheeks. I’m not even tethered to the earth right now. I’m just a wash of jumbled emotions, twisting so fast I can’t even process them.... All battering against me, leaving me overwhelmed and numb and not at all certain that this can really be happening.” Will Nikki be strong enough to handle what life has dealt them? Will she go back to her old ways? Will Damien be able to give her what she needs or has he put too much distance between them with his secrets?