Book cover - Nights of Sin - Author Lucia Jordan

Nights of Sin

Author Lucia Jordan

  • Release Date: 2016-08-17
  • Genre: Erotica
Our score: 4
From 567 Ratings

Nights of Sin Summary

Nights of Sin - Nights Of Sin Is the hottest new contemporary romance from bestselling author Lucia Jordan!
Lana Watson knows the woods of New Hampshire like the back of her hand. She knows the old streets, the shops, and the cool air against her skin like a familiar caress. The place is home, and yet it has never felt more isolating. Ever since college, Lana has thrown her dreams into older men who have only hurt her, only treated her like a worthless thing. She is not ready to love again. She doubts she ever will be. 

But change comes looking for Lana: Max Winters appears like a vapor as Lana is hired to arrange the flowers for a charity ball. His presence is overpowering, his eyes searching her face, his body that of a practiced predator. But it is his gaze that rocks Lana to her core, throwing her into a driving passion. Max Winters is willing to take Lana beyond her limits, desiring her to be his. He is bound to her, body and soul, teetering on the edge of obsession and the most intense desire he has ever felt. Does love have a place in their worlds, or is it just too painful?

Nights of Sin Review

  • Nights of sin

    By lmfali
    Nicely written for a short read. Enticing and makes you want to read more.
  • Nights of sin

    By Viki shade
    Absolutely loved the book ready to read the next one
  • Nights of Sin

    By Geo9920
    Good plot…Titillating experience!
  • Nights of Sin, by Lucia Jordan, ITunes store

    By Queenwb
    Excited to continue this book. I hope that Lana and Max have an exciting affair that turns into a wonderful love that will last for a very long time. Wanda
  • Non stop read

    By vixenjai
    The story was absolutely great. Amazing characters, the romance was breath taking and I just was captured from the first page. Excited for the continuation of the series.
  • Nights of Sin

    By Sammi6941
    I love this book! 1-10 was a 10! No negativity. The sex was amazing to read ! I recommend it ! <3
  • Night of sins

    By To to rosie73
    Love the book
  • Yawn. Hot rich guy. Mousy girl. Etc

    By Kara379052
    How many times can people try to remake fifty shades? Same basic idea- rich handsome guy wants mousy pansy girl. He tells her what to do, she does it. How boring. C’mon writers, I beg of you to come up with something a little more original. If you’re into re-reading fifty shades, then totally go for it. Besides the boring premise, the book is pretty good. Also, it seems more like the first 50 pages of a novel instead of book 1 of a series- the only sex scene is in the last 8 pages, so be ready for a whole lotta nothin for nearly the whole “book,” if you can really call this tease a book.
  • Nights of sin

    By Conrad0415
    I am really into this book... I love t so far, I just wish I could finish the entire book. Not stop at a cliffhanger
  • Nights of sin

    By Lauren luceto
    Great book. Wanting to read more. Interesting story. Give me more