Book cover - Ransom - Author J. R. Castle


Author J. R. Castle

  • Release Date: 2016-09-05
  • Genre: Epic

Ransom Summary

Ransom - Ransom is the third story of The White Road Tales novella series.

How do lips that once kissed his face with whispers of love now spew such hateful accusations?

Tarek can't help but wonder if the princess has honestly been enchanted into forgetting what they once had together or if she's simply chosen to forget in order to protect him.

A raging war battles inside his heart. Despair tries hard to convince him to give up. Hope rallies for him to hang on. For a few brief moments, the girl he loved is there. Only a fleeting moment.

And that moment is all he needs to fight for their freedom.

Ransom is the third book in the White Road Tales trilogy which also includes Captured book one and Stolen book two. All three are prequels to the White Road Chronicles series:
Illuminated: Book One
Luminosity: Book Two
Emanate: Book Three
Radiance: Book Four
Ignited: Book Five
Ablaze: Book Six