Book cover - Royal's Child(MILLS & BOON) - Author Motoyo Fujiwara

Royal's Child(MILLS & BOON)

Author Motoyo Fujiwara

  • Release Date: 2016-09-06
  • Genre: Women

Royal's Child(MILLS & BOON) Summary

Royal's Child(MILLS & BOON) - Fed up with her job and without a family to support her, Angel makes an impulsive decision to skip town. When she’s stranded out in the cold with nowhere to go, a handsome man with beautiful eyes named Royal suddenly appears before her. Deciding that she’ll only stay with him for the night, Angel is awestruck by the size and splendor of Royal’s estate. And just like Royal’s daughter Maddie predicted, Angel ends up living in the mansion as their nanny... It’s the first time she’s found somewhere she feels like she belongs, but could something dangerous be lurking in the shadows?