Book cover - Rainbow Chinese Flashcards - Author Wenyi Cao

Rainbow Chinese Flashcards

Author Wenyi Cao

  • Release Date: 2016-10-11
  • Genre: Foreign Languages

Rainbow Chinese Flashcards Summary

Rainbow Chinese Flashcards - Is it always difficult for you to learn Chinese characters and understand their structures? 

Rainbow Chinese Font helps to make it easy, fun and effective for you to learn Chinese. Rainbow Chinese Font breaks a character into different components by giving each component a different color. This coloring method clearly demonstrates what components a character has and how they are structured to compose the character. Understanding the structure is usually a critical step in learning Chinese characters, and therefore Rainbow Chinese Font can definitely enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your study.

This book consists of 25 flashcards on the topic of Colors & Shapes in Chinese. Each flashcard contains a Chinese character or word in Rainbow Chinese Font, its english meaning, an example sentence and an audio reading.


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