Book cover - The Initiates of the Flame - Author Manly P. Hall

The Initiates of the Flame

Author Manly P. Hall

  • Release Date: 2016-10-18
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Our score: 5
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The Initiates of the Flame Summary

The Initiates of the Flame - Few realize that even at the present stage of civilization in this world, there are souls who, like the priests of the ancient temples, walk the earth and watch and guard the sacred fires that burn upon the altar of humanity. Purified ones they are, who have renounced the life of this sphere in order to guard and protect the Flame, that spiritual principle in man, now hidden beneath the ruins of his fallen temple. Let us find this Flame and also serve it, realizing that it is in all created things, that all are one because all are part of that eternal Flame, the fire of spirit, the life and power of the universe.
Upon the altar of this Flame, to the true creator of this book, the writer offers it, and dedicate it to the one Fire which blazes forth from God, and is now hidden within each living thing.