Book cover - For Christmas Forever - Author Barbara Samuel

For Christmas Forever

Author Barbara Samuel

  • Release Date: 2016-10-25
  • Genre: Contemporary

For Christmas Forever Summary

For Christmas Forever - Just days before Christmas, a mysterious and sexy stranger arrived at Claire Franklin's bed-and-breakfast—and awakened her every desire. So the pretty innkeeper decided it was high time to bring a little holiday cheer to her cozy home—complete with mistletoe. Then, one starry night, bullets started flying—and Claire wondered if more than her heart was at risk….

Secret agent Zane Hunter vowed to protect Claire from the killer who wanted him—and anyone he'd ever cared about—dead. Because somehow, over the holiday, Zane had come to care way too much for the achingly vulnerable beauty. And now he longed to hold her close—not just for Christmas, but forever….


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