Book cover - Hawk's Way: Zach - Author Joan Johnston

Hawk's Way: Zach

Author Joan Johnston

  • Release Date: 2016-12-05
  • Genre: Western

Hawk's Way: Zach Summary

Hawk's Way: Zach - HAWK'S WAY: ZACH (Hawk's Way #8)

Joan Johnston's fan-favorite Westernromance

Previously published in May 1995 as The Disobedient Bride

Texas rancher Zach Whitelaw isn't interested in love—only in producing heirs for hisranch. So he advertises for a wife—but there's a catch. If she's not pregnant in a year'stime, he'll divorce her.

Six months into their marriage, Rebecca Littlewolf Whitelaw's stomach is as flat as itwas on her wedding day. But she's come to love Zach, and she suspects he just might havefeelings for her, too. How can she ever give him up? And does he really want her to?