Book cover - Quantum Coin - Author E. C. Myers

Quantum Coin

Author E. C. Myers

  • Release Date: 2016-12-19
  • Genre: Fiction

Quantum Coin Summary

Quantum Coin - Ephraim Scott learned the hard way that wishes don’t solve problems — they only create more of them. His days of bouncing around the multiverse with the quantum coin are over. Besides, everything he cares about is in this reality—his girlfriend, Jena; his mom; and his best friend, Nathan. But when his universe-hopping ally Zoe suddenly returns bearing a cryptic message from an old friend, Ephraim knows it’s time to take responsibility for the dangerous power he wielded a year ago.

Their interdimensional mission is even more perilous than Ephraim imagined, and it’s not just Jena and Zoe’s blistering rivalry that puts him at risk. Something has weakened the forces that keep the universes separate, causing people to shift into parallel worlds involuntarily and without the aid of a quantum coin. The multiverse is collapsing fast, and Ephraim and his friends must find a way to stop it before it destroys life as they know it…and the entire fabric of space and time.

Quantum Coin is the exciting sequel to Fair Coin, winner of the 2012 Andre Norton Award and finalist for both the 2013 British Fantasy Award and the 2013 Compton Crook Award.


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