Book cover - The Midnight Line - Author Lee Child

The Midnight Line

Author Lee Child

  • Release Date: 2017-11-07
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Our score: 4.5
From 2,982 Ratings

The Midnight Line Summary

The Midnight Line - #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER •  Lee Child returns with a gripping new powerhouse thriller featuring Jack Reacher, “one of this century’s most original, tantalizing pop-fiction heroes” (The Washington Post).

BONUS: Includes a sneak peek of Lee Child’s new novel, Past Tense.

Reacher takes a stroll through a small Wisconsin town and sees a class ring in a pawn shop window: West Point 2005. A tough year to graduate: Iraq, then Afghanistan. The ring is tiny, for a woman, and it has her initials engraved on the inside. Reacher wonders what unlucky circumstance made her give up something she earned over four hard years. He decides to find out. And find the woman. And return her ring. Why not?

So begins a harrowing journey that takes Reacher through the upper Midwest, from a lowlife bar on the sad side of small town to a dirt-blown crossroads in the middle of nowhere, encountering bikers, cops, crooks, muscle, and a missing persons PI who wears a suit and a tie in the Wyoming wilderness.

The deeper Reacher digs, and the more he learns, the more dangerous the terrain becomes. Turns out the ring was just a small link in a far darker chain. Powerful forces are guarding a vast criminal enterprise. Some lines should never be crossed. But then, neither should Reacher.

Praise for The Midnight Line
“Puts Reacher just where we want him.”The New York Times Book Review

“A gem.”Chicago Tribune
“A timely, suspenseful, morally complex thriller, one of the best I’ve read this year . . . Child weaves in a passionately told history of opioids in American life. . . . Child’s outrage over it is only just barely contained.”The Philadelphia Inquirer
“A perfect example of Lee Child’s talent . . . Lee Child is the master of plotting. . . . This is Child’s most emotional book to date. . . . This is not just a good story; it is a story with a purpose and a message.”Huffington Post
“I just read the new Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. . . . It is as good as they always are. I read every single one.”Malcolm Gladwell

The Midnight Line Review

  • Great Book

    By Mrjamestx
  • Midnight line

    By brassfield0401
    Oh yeah, Reacher at his best. Good support also.
  • The Midnight Line

    By boots saddle
    Not the best Reacher yarn...but also not the worst. Improbable plot, but readable...with effort.
  • The Midnight Line

    By mkbakersfield
    I purchased it, but the pages are all blank!

    By Iglooite
    I started reading the Jack Reacher series kind of in the middle and in no particular order, but I decided to go back and start from book one through book 22, The Midnight Line. I’m really glad I did and would recommend the experience to everyone who likes the series. Lee Child has a way of building his main character from book one, with all his flaws and all his great characteristics. All of the characters in the series are interesting and very different. Mr. Child has a way of describing a scene in the book so that you can visualize it down to the deepest details. It takes a great author to do that. I love this series.
  • Great start... boring finish

    By Donnertime
    Classic reacher story yet lacking any real drama or punch to the storyline in the back third of the book. I checked three times to make sure I didn’t miss any pages that would have twisted the plot to bring some elevation or pitch change to the story, but the last page came and went.
  • Great Read

    By Rmechtly
    Enjoyed reading! Lee Child is a master writer! Can’t wait to read the next one!
  • The midnight line

    By nickname5452316
    OUTSTANDING in every respect!
  • Reacher is ALWAYS fun

    By JBSomatic
    Another fun Reacher read.
  • Enjoyable

    By Pandraswrath
    I am rereading this series since it’s been a few years and I need the reminders since I vaguely remember plot points yet haven’t read the recent ones. I like them just as much now as I did then. Unfortunately I’ve noticed, this read around, that a bit of the spelling is off. It’s not that they are spelled wrong per se, but this booked is based in the US yet there are a lot of words and phrases that are decidedly British. I have no difficulty translating things like kerb (my husband comes from New Zealand), but it is a bit jarring and often throws me out of the story for a bit. The books are great, the have interesting plots and imaginative whodunnits. The dialogues aren’t stilted and weird. If you enjoy well written characters and stories, this series is for you. If you obsess on small details, like kerb instead of curb, this series will drive you nuts.


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