Book cover - Zeke’s Demons - Author Jennifer Kacey

Zeke’s Demons

Author Jennifer Kacey

  • Release Date: 2017-02-28
  • Genre: Erotica

Zeke’s Demons Summary

Zeke’s Demons - Revealing his demons could kill everything they’ve become or give him everything he’s been searching for. Demons. They don’t just reside in nightmares or movies. A figment of someone’s imagination and nothing more when the lights chase the shadows away. For Zeke, they’ve lived inside him for as long as he could remember. Dark desires which threatened to tear him apart when he was younger, when he didn’t know how to control them. Control them…no. Bury them. Ignore them. As the years stretched on he’d struggled to believe they didn’t exist, they didn’t matter, they weren’t him, he didn’t need them. Then Aslan asked for everything. She wanted to see what he kept hidden. Never a no. That’s what she’d told him over and over again. But she didn’t know what he really wanted. Needed. Breaking free from the prison he’d kept his desire locked in to show her who he really is was horrifying. Dragging her back inside the cage with him is more than he’d ever dreamed. Would this be the end of everything or the beginning of forever? This is the eighth short story in a serial release all featuring Aslan and Zeke. A married couple looking for more and finding it in the arms of each other. There will be nine stories total, with one being released every month or so. Short kinky stories meant to tantalize and excite you. May you fall in love with love and everything that word means to your fantasies…