Book cover - The Governance of Place - Author Ali Madanipour & Angela Hull

The Governance of Place

Author Ali Madanipour & Angela Hull

  • Release Date: 2017-03-02
  • Genre: Public Administration

The Governance of Place Summary

The Governance of Place - Views on spatial planning and its role have changed significantly over the past few years and the issues it deals with have become increasingly more complex. There are more players involved in the development of a particular area or place than ever before and there is also a greater interest in urban design issues. There are also new ways of conceiving of place, space and society relations. It is therefore necessary that all those involved in the production, consumption and valuing of places and territories develop and (re)learn new ways of analyzing and managing space. This volume provides a platform for such a re-examination. It first discusses how spaces and places are understood and conceptualized, and offers a dialogue between different approaches to the understanding of space, emphasizing the need for a dynamic perspective. The book then goes on to examine the changing governance processes through various case studies, which illustrate a range of innovative spatial planning projects from across Europe and the United States. By bringing together an examination of both space and the process through which the space is created and managed, this volume offers a unique multi-dimensional understanding of spatial planning and suggests new ways of negotiating how society should shape and influence the transformation of places.