Book cover - City of Endless Night - Author Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

City of Endless Night

Author Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

  • Release Date: 2018-01-16
  • Genre: Police Procedural
Our score: 4.5
From 699 Ratings

City of Endless Night Summary

City of Endless Night - In this #1 New York Times bestseller, Special Agent Pendergast must stop a serial killer who is terrorizing New York City with a trail of headless victims.
When Grace Ozmian, the beautiful and reckless daughter of a wealthy tech billionaire, first goes missing, the NYPD assumes she has simply sped off on another wild adventure. Until the young woman's body is discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Queens, the head nowhere to be found.
Lieutenant CDS Vincent D'Agosta quickly takes the lead. He knows his investigation will attract fierce scrutiny, so D'Agosta is delighted when FBI Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast shows up at the crime scene assigned to the case. "I feel rather like Brer Rabbit being thrown into the briar patch," Pendergast tells D'Agosta, "because I have found you here, in charge. Just like when we first met, back at the Museum of Natural History."
But neither Pendergast nor D'Agosta are prepared for what lies ahead. A diabolical presence is haunting the greater metropolitan area, and Grace Ozmian was only the first of many victims to be murdered . . . and decapitated. Worse still, there's something unique to the city itself that has attracted the evil eye of the killer.
As mass hysteria sets in, Pendergast and D'Agosta find themselves in the crosshairs of an opponent who has threatened the very lifeblood of the city. It'll take all of Pendergast's skill to unmask this most dangerous foe-let alone survive to tell the tale.

City of Endless Night Review

  • Not their best, but still a page turner

    By Rmc312bc
    Having read nearly all of the Pendergast series from Preston and Child, this entry had me intrigued. However it seemed to lack the depth of character development, particularly regarding Pendergast, of earlier titles. Perhaps this was intentional, but he is one of the most interesting characters in fiction today. So the formula should be easy...more Pendergast! Then once the endgame is started, it spirals into a rather predictable storyline. That said, it is still a Pendergast novel, so that alone will make it at least a good, if not great book. Definitely with a read, but not as wild or chaotic as titles like Two Graves or Brimstone.
  • City of Endless Night

    By Anny12
    What a great read! Realized how much I missed the Pendergast series.
  • Kam557

    By KAM Computer
    Great thriller as always, but way too short. Would rather wait than be given such a tease.
  • Red Hot Page Turner

    By zippie123
    Been waiting for the next Pendergast book. Knew it would be good as usual but this is truly the best so far!! Glad I’m retired now because as often said, “ a real page turner, couldn’t put it down “, to its spectacular end .....
  • Not worthy to be Called a Pendergast novel

    By Mikbon
    I love the Pendergast novels, have read them all, some twice, but this was not one. It is strictly a police procedural with Agent Pendergast as a minor character who doesn’t even act like himself when he does appear. Where is the magic, the surreal mystery that has been the center of these novels. To say I was disappointed is an understatement and my husband, also a loyal fan, agrees.
  • Disappointing

    By Bob-tx
    Look forward to the books in this series, but this one was a disappointment. Pendergast seemed MIA for most of the book. The Bonfire plot line seemed totally disconnected from the story. The epilogue went off on a tangent disconnected from the rest of the book. Very disjointed, out of character for this series.
  • City of endless night

    By NeuseSailor
    A huge disappointment. No mystery. No interesting learning to be had. In short, perhaps Pendergast should slither back to New Orleans for a well earned retirement.
  • Not up to par

    By SleepnSeattle
    I have loved reading Preston and Child’s books from the beginning. And, yes, a particular fan of Aloysius Pendergast. This book was disappointing in that it was shallow. With these two authors talent, together, and independently, felt the story was written in their sleep. More like a Lee Child’s Jack Reacher than the genuine Pendergast. Gave 3 stars out of respect.
  • Another great read!

    By Bobgobblin
    I love these books! I always have them finished within 4 days because I can’t put them down. Can’t wait for the next one to come out.
  • City of Endless Night

    By CYM fan
    Not one of their best efforts.


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