Book cover - Junkyard (NHB Modern Plays) - Author Jack Thorne

Junkyard (NHB Modern Plays)

Author Jack Thorne

  • Release Date: 2017-03-02
  • Genre: Theater

Junkyard (NHB Modern Plays) Summary

Junkyard (NHB Modern Plays) - 'Who'd want to join in building a f*****g playground.'

It's 1979, rubbish is on the streets of Bristol, and it's tricky being Fiz. She's thirteen, she's got no money, her sister's pregnant and her mum thinks she's a waste of space...

Rick remembers what it's like to be a teenager. So he thinks it won't take much to get a bunch of kids to help him build a playground out of junk.

He's wrong. It takes everything he's got. But when it's finished, it's going to be something. It's going to be everything...

Jack Thorne's honest and witty Junkyard, with music by Stephen Warbeck, premiered in 2017 in a co-production between Headlong, Bristol Old Vic, Rose Theatre Kingston and Theatr Clwyd, and directed by Jeremy Herrin.

'A touching tale… an engagingly ramshackle musical' - The Times

'A joyful musical for school misfits... left me smiling throughout as it celebrates the right of children and young people to turn their individual lives into an adventure through physical and imaginative play' - Guardian

'A heartfelt new musical... energetic and fun... like Jacqueline Wilson meets Skins' - The Stage