Book cover - Petticoats and Promises - Author Penelope Friday

Petticoats and Promises

Author Penelope Friday

  • Release Date: 2015-02-15
  • Genre: Gay & Lesbian

Petticoats and Promises Summary

Petticoats and Promises - Equal in station and age, it was foreseeable that neighbors Clara Battersley and Serena Coleridge would become fast friends. More surprising is that they would become lovers—a secret they tell no one. 

Giddy with love and the prospect of their London season, they are about to embark on a social whirl of fashionable, high season balls. But Serena’s fortunes are reversed by Napoleon’s escape from Elba. Her financial resources compromised, the two debutantes are parted. 

Bereft and facing unbearable pressure to conform to social and family expectations, how can they keep the promises of their hearts?