Book cover - Yuletide Baby Bargain - Author Allison Leigh

Yuletide Baby Bargain

Author Allison Leigh

  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 5
From 9 Ratings

Yuletide Baby Bargain Summary

Yuletide Baby Bargain - Christmas Miracle…or Christmas Mayhem?

When Lincoln Swift finds a two-month-old infant on his doorstep, it’s panic time! Still, he takes the child in, believing she’s his MIA brother’s unless a DNA test proves otherwise. Then he turns to social worker and old friend Maddie Templeton for help. But his relationship with Maddie is complicated by past beefs and a present attraction that grows ever fiercer as they bond over the baby.

Linc knows this instant family could be taken away from him in a heartbeat. Will he propose a more permanent arrangement to Maddie just for the baby’s sake? Or will she drive a hard bargain of her own, holding out for the truest Christmas gift a man could give?