Book cover - American Radical - Author Tamer Elnoury & Kevin Maurer

American Radical

Author Tamer Elnoury & Kevin Maurer

  • Release Date: 2017-10-23
  • Genre: Political Science
Our score: 4.5
From 305 Ratings

American Radical Summary


The explosive memoir of a Muslim American FBI agent fighting terror from the inside.

It’s no secret that federal agencies are waging a broad, global war against terror. But for the first time in this memoir, an active Muslim American federal agent reveals his experience infiltrating and bringing down a terror cell in North America.

A longtime undercover agent, Tamer Elnoury joined an elite counterterrorism unit after September 11. Its express purpose is to gain the trust of terrorists whose goals are to take out as many Americans in as public and as devastating a way possible. It's a furious race against the clock for Tamer and his unit to stop them before they can implement their plans. Yet as new as this war still is, the techniques are as old as time: listen, record, and prove terrorist intent. 

Due to his ongoing work for the FBI, Elnoury writes under a pseudonym. An Arabic-speaking Muslim American, a patriot, a hero: To many Americans, it will be a revelation that he and his team even exist, let alone the vital and dangerous work they do keeping all Americans safe.

American Radical Review

  • My DEA DNA had this epic caper nailed to my soul

    By Sandbag K2
    Years were spent in cross agency rivalry until OBL and jehad brought mankind to its knees. If you’re seeking a real bone chiller, true ongoing epic threat with a scalpel aimed directly at our jugular, this work will rivet you.
  • Great Read!

    By akromaska
    Well written and great read. Couldn't put it down...eye opening inside account of the dangers of terrorism in North America.
  • American Radical

    By Cussbutt
    Exciting and different perspective
  • Enlightening

    By GybeNorth
    In a world where heinous acts of violence, murder of innocent civilians and terrorism are splashed across news outlets almost daily it is easy to lump middle eastern of Muslim faith into one philosophical mindset......intolerance and radical acts toward nonbelievers of Sharia and the “true faith”. The story told in this book, by an American, a Muslim, a hero presents, to an uninformed, a much different version of a people, a culture and a religion. I am glad I read this book. I am in awe of hero’s like Agent Elnoury. I am more enlightened. Thank you for your service and the courage to tell this story....
  • Great story

    By Vietnam 1967
    Great book hate to put it down
  • What a great book!

    This book captured my attention from the first page to the last. It was so well written and painted a vivid picture of all of the situations Tamer was in. I highly recommend this book. Thanks for everything that you did Tamer and crew!!
  • “Can’t put down” type of book

    By savebyrask
    This book was amazing, once I started reading I could not put it down. Finished in less than twenty-four hours. This book takes you behind the scenes of how the FBI takes down terrorist and keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. Only negative about the book was the dialogue tends to drag out in some chapters but still 5/5 Stars.
  • Couldn’t put it down.

    By Michellealeja
    Knowing that this is real life makes you speechless. What this agent went through to save our country and the safety of so many people, he is a true American Hero. Great read. I highly recommend!
  • Amazing Story

    By Bgytr
    Thank God for people like Tamer. Makes me proud to be an American. I’d love to meet him and shake his hand.
  • Informative & Inspiring

    By shortlilrope
    I honestly couldn't put this down and recommended it to anyone and everyone who'd listen to me talk about it! I specifically enjoyed learning something about the TRUE Islamic faith and religion. With a lot of the information out there now, the distinction line is often blurred and this clearly drew that line with a thick, black, permanent marker! Thanks Tamer for not only doing your job, but teaching me more about the men and women who work as ghosts and shadows so I can sleep soundly at night. The detail was so well placed I felt like I was in each of those terrifying and creepy moments with you. If you haven't read this incredible Bond-esque account of our hidden history and hidden government agents, this is a great place to start! It makes for a great read while also defining the things that a non-Muslim would need to know to understand some subtle word changes and Quran redactions that change the meaning of Islam from one of peace and passivity to one of danger and war. The choice of telling the story as the author's undercover alias makes the suspense that much more terrifying! I hope more readers find this story as compelling and educational as I did. Also, thank you Tamer! If it weren't for men and women like you, who CHOOSE a life hiding in the shadows to keep strangers, like me, safe from a**h***s like Chiheb, Jaser and Abassi, the world would be a very different place.