Book cover - Twenty One Pilots - Author Bern Bolo

Twenty One Pilots

Author Bern Bolo

  • Release Date: 2017-05-22
  • Genre: Humor

Twenty One Pilots Summary

Twenty One Pilots - Pssst… Hey you, cute fella… with the white shirt and blue jeans. Yeah, I’m talking about you! Now if I wasn’t right about the color of your clothing, just please pretend that I am. Alright… moving on! Do you know that you are in luck today because you have come to check out this wonderful book we’ve made for a wonderful and awesome person – a rock star drummer in the name of Joshua William “Josh” Dun. Now, that name sparked your eyes… I knew it I knew it, because I get the same feeling too every flipping time! I mean… who wouldn’t? C’mon… he’s just the drummer of the band Twenty One Pilots and with this guy’s talents? He’s like a Da Vinci with the sticks as a paintbrush and drums as his palette. Yes, this dude is very talented and he has every right in this world to be in this book. And it is our privilege to write about him. So, Spoiler Alert! Here you’ll learn about Josh Dun’s journey to music, his friendship with his also now-best buddy and band vocalist – Tyler Joseph, how they met and yes… this is too much information already, but one last thing… did you know that he used to snuck out of the house? Well grab a copy and then find out why now! All these information and a a lot more are inside-- so go ahead and take a peek, and then take one! If you’re really into it, take 21 and give them as gifts to friends. Just like Twenty One Pilots, that would be cool!

Twenty One Pilots Review

  • Yes

    By ohmyimsodunwithyoujoseph
    I live inside this book for the rest of my life