Book cover - The Secret Mistress Arrangement - Author Kakuko Shinozaki

The Secret Mistress Arrangement

Author Kakuko Shinozaki

  • Release Date: 2017-07-07
  • Genre: Women

The Secret Mistress Arrangement Summary

The Secret Mistress Arrangement - When Ella and Matt meet at their mutual friends' wedding, they fall for each other. But they have their own circumstances, and they know that in the end, they'll need to say goodbye. And neither of them are interested in a long-distance relationship. So they make a deal: one passionate week together, and then it's over. Ella and the short-tempered Matt butt heads by day, but their chemistry in bed leaves nothing to be desired. The days they spend together are so sweet, they seem like a dream. But as the day of their parting draws closer, Ella gradually feels an emptiness growing inside her heart. "Now that I know this feeling," Ella muses to herself, "perhaps I should take the plunge." What will she decide in the end?


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