Book cover - One More Promise - Author Samantha Chase

One More Promise

Author Samantha Chase

  • Release Date: 2018-02-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 29 Ratings

One More Promise Summary

One More Promise - Dylan Anders is making amends
…to his family
…to the public
…to the woman who just walked into his life

Paige Walters must learn to forgive
…her busy father
…her bossy sister
…and the wonderful man she horribly misjudged

Ambitious Paige Walters is ecstatic when she's hired to recruit musicians for a literacy campaign—it's her chance to prove she's got the chops to make it in the family business. When Dylan steps in, she immediately dislikes him and vows not to let the fallen idol screw it up. But as the work brings Paige and Dylan closer together, their attraction grows…and so do their challenges…

Shaughnessy Brothers: Band on the Run series
One More Kiss (Book 1)
One More Promise (Book 2)
One More Moment (Book 3)

What People Are Saying about Samantha Chase:
"Classic, thoughtful, and sometimes as lyrical as the stars." —Kirkus for A Sky Full of Stars
"A delight for readers...a classic love story." —RT Book Reviews for This is Our Song
"So much more than just a romance." —Night Owl Reviews for Always My Girl

One More Promise Review

  • 5 very enthusiastic stars!

    By Cheryl33610
    On the surface, bad boy, fresh-from-rehab rocker Dylan can’t possibly have anything in common with straight-laced, put-upon ad executive Paige Walters. That’s exactly what Paige thinks when meets him and sees hs tattooed arms. He’s been forced upon her by her dad and work on a literacy project she envision an entirely different way. Dylan thinks she’s a bit uptight...and rightly so...but is attracted and intrigued by her. As their story progresses, we see that they do actually have quite a bit in common, and that first impressions are very often not accurate. Dylan’s friendship and support help Paige begin to stand up for herself...thankfully, because I wanted to shake her sometimes! And Paige’s acceptance of Dylan’s past and struggles to make amends is a great boost to his continued recovery. Great storytelling is what I expect from Samantha Chase and I was not disappointed with One More Promise! Dylan and Paige are two extremely likable characters who clicked for me as a reader from page one. I read this book in one sitting...I could not put it down. Fantastic secondary characters, both those you love and those you want to clock upside the head, add another interesting layer to an already fabulous story. In fact, dare I hope that Daisy gets her story told...with an interesting drummer, perhaps!? One other thought to share. For those of you who may not be enameled with the whole “rock star” hero, do not write this book off! Yes, Dylan is a rock star, but the story doesn’t deal with his time on the road, filled with groupies, parties, alcohol and sex. This is about his recovery, and rediscovery, of the man he is now and wants to continue to be. I loved his journey with Paige. I think you will too!
  • Amazing

    By Sbart61
    Amazing. This is a book that I could not put down. Paige and Dylan both have obstacles that they need to overcome in their personal lives. Paige works for family PR firm but is always in the shadows,, but now has been assigned to help with the literacy campaign. Which she takes to heart, wanting famous authors to speak not musicians. Dylan a member of the Band on the Run, who is on a hiatus from after getting out of rehab for alcoholism. He has to serve community service, so this would be a perfect opportunity for him. Neither Paige or Dylan are happy with this journey, but Dylan will make the best of it. As they spend time together, they find they have more in common than they thought. In reality they seem like polar opposites. Loved both of these characters, both grew from each other. So much is thrown at them but they learn to stand up for each other. Great secondary characters. Loved Daisy, Paige's assistant, she makes me smile. Now on the other hand, Paige's sister, Ariel, I'd liked to take her into a dark corner and slap her around. It was great to see the other members of the band. Such great support for Dylan. This is not your typical rock star story. This is re-finding your life after the band and finding love when you least expect. This is the second story in the series but can be read as a stand alone.
  • Inspiring!!

    By Jbean168
    Dylan Anders is out of rehab and wanting to start a new beginning. Paige Walters is a woman who is strong & independent as long as it doesn't involve her family. I fell in love with Dylan & Paige! I thought this story was very inspiring while also breaking my heart at some points! You should keep the tissues close while reading. There were so many times I wanted to reach out and hug either Dylan or Paige when life was hitting them hard. This is my favorite story so far in this series!
  • Charming & Sizzling!

    By Astroyic
    What a charming, warm, sexy gem of a story. I couldn’t put “One More Promise” down. I love a good romance and this delivered. Samantha Chase’ strength is creating characters who live, breathe and jump off the page at you. The mix of sexual tension and emotional decisions will lead to you wanting to read her stories again and again. Dylan Anders is a charming, bad, boy rocker, who’s sexy as sin with a horrible reputation. Just released from rehab, Dylan is determined to change his ways. But first he must find something productive and meaningful that can help turn his reputation around. When his agent tells him about a campaign promoting Literacy, he is at first hesitant to let the public know of his past. But since this would also take care of his required community service hours it could be just what he needs. Paige Walters is an executive at her Father’s PR firm PRW. She is a smart confident young woman, until she is around her family. Paige suffers from life long insecurities from constantly being undermined by a beautiful, older sister. But when Paige comes up with the brilliant idea for the Literary Campaign she just knows this will finally get her the attention she deserves. Only to have the campaign taken out from under her by her sister again and assigned to babysit Dylan through the campaign. And oh boy, does our smart, fierce heroine give him a run for his money. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. This had me practically drooling with anticipation from one page to the next. These characters are fabulously crafted and gloriously complicated. But with light witty humor and sexual tension that adds sizzle to many scenes this is a such a satisfying and captivating storyline. With a wonderful heroine. A llckable hero. And a romance that makes a girl swoon. Loved it! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
  • An awesome read!!

    By sferguson105
    I really LOVED this read!!! It’s got just the right amount of drama in it, and touches on an issue that a lot of people face right now. Paige and Dylan were perfect together. They were sweet and sexy, and a couple you will definitely fall in love with. Some of the supporting characters left a lot to be desired.... one in particular that I wanted to reach in to my kindle and smack upside her head. An overall fantastic read that I would definitely recommend!