Book cover - Lincoln’s Devotional - Author Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s Devotional

Author Abraham Lincoln

  • Release Date: 2017-07-31
  • Genre: United States

Lincoln’s Devotional Summary

Lincoln’s Devotional - The discovery of Abraham Lincoln’s personal, signed copy of a charming “vest-pocket” devotional has excited the public and historians alike—for here is new testimony to the depth of Lincoln’s faith, new light in an area previously clouded by uncertainty.

In his moving introduction to this faithful edition of the 100-year-old book of daily Scriptural messages and inspirational verse, Carl Sandburg knits together fact and conjecture about Lincoln’s religious feelings. We are able to picture Abraham Lincoln carrying this little volume with him as he traveled the old Eighth Circuit; we learn of his familiarity with verses he could encounter in its pages.

LINCOLN’S DEVOTIONAL contains a facsimile of Lincoln’s signature on the flyleaf, as he wrote it in his own copy.


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