Book cover - A Noble Pursuit - Author Mito Orihara

A Noble Pursuit

Author Mito Orihara

  • Release Date: 2017-08-24
  • Genre: Women

A Noble Pursuit Summary

A Noble Pursuit - Juliet comes from a bloodline of French royals, but she is tired of a life that has been predetermined against her will. She wants to experience passionate love for once in her life. While she was enjoying a moment of contemplation alone in a park, a man by the name of Shay approached her to make sure she was okay. On a whim she decided to pretend to have amnesia, and Shay took her home to help her. To Juliet’s desire for one unforgettable evening, Shay responded... But the next morning she was gone before he awoke, and Juliet returned to her daily life. Little do they know that they will unexpectedly reunite!