Book cover - Running Scared - Author Linda Winstead Jones

Running Scared

Author Linda Winstead Jones

  • Release Date: 2017-09-01
  • Genre: Suspense

Running Scared Summary

Running Scared - The princess and the mercenary… 

A spur of the moment trip to South America had seemed like a good idea to Livvie Larkin, when the job offer had been made. A few weeks in a foreign land, caring for two sweet little girls who’d just lost their mother, might be just the thing to help her get over her latest disappointment in the romance department. She’d had no idea what she was getting into. 

It wasn’t the first time Quinn Calhoun had been assigned to rescue his employer’s niece, but this time he was willingly returning to a place of nightmares. Nothing else could’ve made him go back to Camaria. Nothing but Livvie.  

Livvie and Cal have nothing in common, and neither is looking for love. But when their adventure takes an unexpected turn, can she touch his mercenary heart?