Book cover - If the Shoe Fits - Author Liz Fielding

If the Shoe Fits

Author Liz Fielding

  • Release Date: 2017-10-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
Our score: 4.5
From 136 Ratings

If the Shoe Fits Summary

If the Shoe Fits - After being unceremoniously sacked from her glamorous job at a gossip magazine, Ally Parker returns home to Combe St. Philip in the Cotswolds to lick her wounds. Making ends meet by cleaning and waitressing in the village pub, she is thrown a lifeline when her best friend, Hope, confides that she is marrying Prince Jonas of San Michele and asks her to take on the local PR role.  
Ally’s a pro when it comes to celebrities, so this new job is a perfect fit, but things are never that simple. The wedding is under wraps until the official announcement in February and it’s the untimely arrival of Count Fredrik Jensson, Head of Security for the royal family that requires some fast thinking on her part. If there’s going to be village gossip, it’s not going to be about Hope, but about that sizzling kiss between Ally and Fredrik! 

Deeply disapproving of any involvement by an ex-journalist from a gossip magazine in the wedding, Fredrik’s distrust cannot mask the sparks that fly between them — sparks that quickly flare into an inferno on their trip to the beautifully scenic principality of San Michele for the Prince’s wedding announcement.

*Previously titled The Bridesmaid's Royal Bodyguard 

If the Shoe Fits Review


    By Lynn B888
    There's nothing quite like a royal wedding to stir up excitement! With book three in the Royal Wedding Invitations series, Liz Fielding brings us Hope's friend and bridesmaid's story! Ally and Fredrik have sparks flying quickly after meeting and it's fun to watch them be a bit leery of each other while at the same time sharing more of themselves with the other than they do the typical person. The plot is fun and the characters are easy to like! Working menial jobs in her hometown certainly wasn't the dream Ally Parker had for herself, but after a sudden firing from her job at gossip magazine Celebrity, she didn't have a whole lot of option available ... so this is where Count Fredrik Jensson finds her when he comes to meet with her about doing PR for her childhood friend's wedding to a member of the royal family of San Michele ... talk about embarrassing! Fredrick is head of security and takes the royal family's safety seriously. He's not happy that a former gossip monger is privy to all of the secret wedding arrangements of the bride-to-be. He's just waiting for those plans to hit the magazines when she sells out to the highest bidder! Forced together on a trip to announce the secret engagement, they find themselves sharing secrets about their lives and actually liking the others company ... will sparks fly during their time together?
  • Excellent

    A nice addition to the series! This is a light easy read with some great characters, low angst, and a great romance between two people who at first don't hit it off all that well. Journalist Ally Parker has just been let go from her job on a gossip magazine and she's not quite sure what's she's going to do with her life now. When her friend Hope asks her to head up the PR for her upcoming royal wedding it seems like the perfect opportunity. Then the Chief of Security for the royal family, Count Fredrik Jensson, shows up and basically tried to fire her before she even starts. He's convinced that because of her last job she's trying to use her connection to get her job back. Needless to say there are sparks flying between these two but they aren't all about the job~~ A quick fun read I think you'll enjoy. I recommend it.