Book cover - Romancing the Werewolf: A Supernatural Society Novella - Author Gail Carriger

Romancing the Werewolf: A Supernatural Society Novella

Author Gail Carriger

  • Release Date: 2017-11-05
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Our score: 4.5
From 48 Ratings

Romancing the Werewolf: A Supernatural Society Novella Summary

Romancing the Werewolf: A Supernatural Society Novella - Gay. Victorian. Werewolves.

New York Times bestselling humor author Gail Carriger gives you everything you didn't know you wanted from dandy shifters in her popular Parasolverse.


Biffy, newly minted Alpha of the London Pack, is not having a good Christmas. His Beta abandoned him. His werewolves object to his curtain choices. And someone keeps leaving human babies on his doorstep.


Professor Randolph Lyall returns home to London after twenty years abroad to find his pack in chaos and his Alpha in crisis. It will take a lot of Beta efficiency to set everything to rights. Perhaps, in the process, he may even mend his own heart.

"This intoxicatingly witty parody will appeal to a wide cross-section of romance, fantasy and steampunk fans." ~ Publishers Weekly, starred review (Soulless)

This sweet funny romance is full of unexpected babysitting, holiday decorations, and no small amount of pining. Look for surprise appearances from popular side characters and the occasional strategic application of italics. Perfect for fans of KJ Charles, Jordan L Hawk, or Cat Sebastian this charming story features characters from Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series. Queer as Folk goes supernatural in this much-anticipated reunion between a certain quietly capable Beta and the werewolf Alpha who let him slip away.

The Supernatural Society novellas stand alone and may be read in any order. But if you're a stickler, this story chronologically follows Imprudence, and ties to events in Timeless. You can read what happens next to the packs in England and find out Channing's backstory in How to Marry a Werewolf.

Delicate Sensibilities?

Contains men who love other men and have waited decades to do so. And if you like that kind of thing there is also Carriger's San Andreas Shifter series.

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Romancing the Werewolf: A Supernatural Society Novella Review

  • Inside scoop!

    By jennthesecond
    I really loved How to Marry a Werewolf, so this type of story that focuses on just a couple of characters and tells about things that were asides in the other books make me happy. I like that all the stories hang together, even ones that are of a different generation inform the younger set because vampires and werewolves are long lived enough to see humans grow up and families and careers. This becomes more cumbersome for the authoress to track as her body of work grows and she has done a lovely job of keeping details straight.
  • Werewolves love

    By Airvamp12
    I have read Gail’s series and her characters are full of life and personality that you fall in love with them and care about their happiness. So to finally get Biffy and Lyall story makes my fan girl heart happy. This a a must read and I would love to read more in the future.
  • untitled

    By smiley9626
  • Gail teased us that there was a reason why Lyall's hair was long

    By RoadrunnerReader
    Gail teased us that there was a reason why Lyall's hair was long and she didn't disappoint us! So amazing. We start off with a little close-up of what exactly transpired between Lyall and Biffy when they were hooking up so long ago, before Lyall went to atone for his sins. Biffy is just as wonderful as ever and settling in as an Alpha. Lyall comes back, and it's awkward. There's the requisite romance slow tension where you want to tell them just to have a conversation. Throughout the beginning, there's a bit of a mystery why there are babies being left on the mansion's doorstep. That's fun. If you like Carriger's other books and same gender pairings, you'll like this one.