Book cover - Narrative Design for Indies - Author Edwin McRae

Narrative Design for Indies

Author Edwin McRae

  • Release Date: 2017-10-24
  • Genre: Games

Narrative Design for Indies Summary

Narrative Design for Indies - You want to create a video game? Great!
You want to tell a story? Fantastic!
You want to create a video game that tells a story? What? Are you insane?!

I’m joking, kind of. You don’t have to be insane to tell a good story through your Indie video game, but you do have to be out of your mind. What I mean is, you have to empty your brain of a whole bunch of stuff that Hollywood and Triple-As have told you about games and stories, and fill it up with stuff that’s actually going to work on your teeny tiny budget.

Three Act structure? That’s like trying to shove a giant triangle through a tiny circle.
Hero’s Journey?  Yup, that’ll take you nowhere, fast.
Authorial Authority. Now you’re just winding me up!

Whether you’re an Indie developer or a narrative designer wanting to work in the Indie space, Narrative Design for Indies: Getting Started is the first in a series of books that will take you through some tried and true techniques of Indie video game storytelling. Techniques that have been developed to blow minds rather than budgets.

Who am I? And do you know how weird it feels to write a third person description of yourself?

Edwin McRae has been working in the Indie video game space as a narrative designer for many years and is now scrambling his seasoned brain and serving it up as an omelette of hard-earned-wisdom for your educational consumption.

For less than a Hearthstone Welcome Bundle or a few hundred clash of Clans gems, you can find out how to use story in your Indie game to both engage and immerse your players.

You want to create an Indie video game that tells a story?