Book cover - Bachelor's Bought Bride - Author Mio Takai

Bachelor's Bought Bride

Author Mio Takai

  • Release Date: 2018-03-04
  • Genre: Women

Bachelor's Bought Bride Summary

Bachelor's Bought Bride - Having spent her life so far as a wallflower, Bree feels that she will live the rest of her life alone. Her father encourages her to go to a party, which she reluctantly attends. There, she is introduced to Gavin Spencer, a handsome and ambitious advertising executive at her father’s company. Surprisingly, Gavin asks her to dance and they get along perfectly all night. Shortly after, Bree and Gavin begin a wonderful relationship. But soon some news comes into light that makes Bree doubt her newfound happiness. Could Bree’s love life really be too good to be true?